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This is a list of the questions most frequently encountered by our Customer Service department. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us

Q. Are my Hitachi power tools still covered under the HiKOKI Warranty?

Q. Are batteries covered by the 3 year warranty?

Q. Is my cordless nailer covered by the extended warranty?

Q. Why don't I get a 5 year/10 year/lifetime warranty like the one shown on the internet?

Q. I bought a cordless tool over the internet from America. Is it covered by the 3 year warranty?

Q. I've bought a 3 piece kit. Do I need to register each tool separately?

Q. What kind of repair is/is not covered?

Q. What do I do if I want to make a claim?

Q. When does my extended warranty start?

Q. Should I wait until my battery is completely exhausted before recharging?

Q. How close will the CL18DSL stud cutter cut a stud close to a ceiling or wall?

Q. Approximately how much will the C18DSL circular saw cut from a fully charged 3Ah battery?

Q. Can I fit a larger size chuck to my drill?

Q. What is the head height of the D10YB angle drill?

Q. On the D13 Rotary Drill, What is the length from the tip of the chuck to the back handle?

Q. What does SDS stand for?

Q. What does the stated length of drill bits mean?

Q. I want to use my SDS-Max hammer for rotary drilling. Can I turn these two mode SDS-Max machines into three mode machines?

Q. Can I use the current range of SDS-Plus and SDS-Max machines for diamond core drilling?

Q. Are the CC14SF abrasive cutting discs suitable for cutting aluminium or stainless steel?

Q. Can a TCT dry cutting blade be fitted to the CC14SF?

Q. Can the switch on the CC14SF be locked on?

Q. Can I cut stone or masonry such as block paviours with a CC14SF?

Q. What bore size disc can I fit to the CM12Y?

Q. What is the maximum diameter of router bit I can use with Hitachi routers?

Q. What type of sanding paper is suitable for the SP18VA?

Q. What is thread size for the pad on the SAY150A Rotary Orbital Sander?

Q. What is the length quoted for reciprocating saw blades?

Q. What is the height of the mitre saw auxiliary roller?

Q. Can I cut metal with my Hitachi mitre saw?

Q. What is the maximum wattage of power tool I can connect to the QB35E?